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Apply lotion to your own back with the Body Buddy® Back Lotion Applicator--Easy to use: Dab your product in the center, flip over shoulder, grab handles, and move across your back. Brilliant!

You know that spot in the middle of your back, between your shoulder blades, that you can never reach. Sure you do!

The Back and Body Lotion Applicator by Body Buddy® Company makes it possible to rub lotion on your own back...

Place a small amount of product on the lotion applicator, place over shoulder, grab handles and move back and forth like drying off. Everything is absorbed into your skin and virtually nothing is left on the non-absorbent surface. Machine Washable.

Available in 7 colors for use with any body care product to moisturize, medicate or protect your back.

Reach Every Spot!


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Weight .1875 lbs
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Aqua, Cream, Teal, White, Scarlet Red, Walnut Brown, Hot Pink


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